Homeless Veterans

We have met many wonderful people while writing names. Many people stop to thank Nancy, or ask what she is doing. Many of the most appreciative people are veterans. Even on Memorial Day many vets let us know how much they appreciated someone remembering them and those who have died.  

The man who Nancy is listening to above was telling us about veterans and homelessness. He said that 20% of the homeless are veterans. There are 15,000 homeless veterans on the West Coast. No wonder veterans are so happy to see someone care. As a society we have done very little caring for veterans. 

My research so far is showing that some of these numbers might be low. 15,000 – 24,000 homeless veterans in LA CA! 23% of homeless population are veterans. 33% of male homeless population are veterans.

Here are some more #s I have found:

The VA estimates that nationally, almost 300,000 vets are homeless on any given night and more than 500,000 will experience homelessness over the course of the year.

Locally, the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans estimates that there are almost 8,500 homeless vets in Oregon. Due to the concentration of services, a high percentage of those individuals reside in the Portland metro area.

Each year, 2.3 million to 3.5 million people experience homelessness in America. By taking 23% of that range for veterans, that would indicate there are between 529,000 and 840,000 veterans who are homeless at some time during the year.


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    Check out this one minute trailer for the documentary WHEN I CAME HOME… is all about homeless IRaq war veterans:


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