On Seeing the Same Name Over and Over

I’ve noted before that same names often come up over and over. Seeing the same name again and again makes one think about the lose to family. It was very emotional today when Nancy noticed that a Johnson died on consecutive days.

On 10/20/03 Paul J Johnson, 29, of Calumet Michigan was killed in a helicopter crash. . A committed soldier PJ is survived by a son and his wife Malissa who serves in the Air Force.

John P Johnson died on 10/22/03. John was 24 years old. He was from Houston Texas.

Usually a computer search for a fallen soldier will result in multiple articles with quotes from the family and biographical information. There is very little information about John P Johnson and Paul J Johnson. That they will be missed is clear. 24 Johnsons have died in Iraq since the start of the war.

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