Veterans For Peace

Mike K from Veterans For Peace came down to help this morning. Nancy finished outlining Kennedy, Mike’s family name just as Mike walked up. So Mike got to chalk his own name.

Veterans For Peace

Kyran E Kennedy lived on a farm in Hopkinsville Kentucky. Kyran was 43 years old when he was killed. He and his wife were originally from Boston’s West Roxbury neighborhood. They bought a farm in Hopkinsville where they were trying to live a sustainable lifestyle. They had a variety of animals, raised a garden and an orchard, and managed an ambitious beekeeping operation.

He carried his dulcimer with him as he traveled around Iraq. The instrument was important to him and provided a sense of peace in the midst of the war, his wife Kathy told the AP.

When he died his children, Christopher, Katie and Kevin, were ages 11,9 and 3.

Honor the Fallen

One Response to “Veterans For Peace”

  1. A Mom Says:

    the image of CWO Kyran Kennedy’s son crying at his father’s funeral will forever haunt my soul.

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