Pat Litekey

June 15th Pat Litekey stopped to talk. In the 1990s Pat spent 2 years in Federal Prison for attempting to deliver a petition to Fort Benning calling for the closing of The School Of The Americas. While in prison he wrote these lines “While I emphatically recommend we drop, for the moment, all accolades such as heroes, prophets, martyrs and saints when referring to nonviolent peace and justice activists… That said, I’d have to mention, in passing, the Berrigan brothers, Dan and Phil, who electrified for me, still a conservative, stick in the mud seminarian in the sixties, the notion of standing there, doing something. But I made the mistake early on, of putting them way up there, certainly not of my league, and thus subtly letting myself off the hook as far as any nascent stirrings of revolt.”

Nancy has not let her self off the hook. Her commitment to the Iraq Names Project continues to inspire and awe me each day. Maybe it is something about Baltimore, an origin she shares with Pat Litekey and the Berrigans.

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