Bulgarian Sacrifice

The Iraq Names Project gives a visual history of the war. We see days where only one or two people died and then days with eight or 12 or 18. Sometimes the names tell a story. December 27th was such a day. 5 Bulgarians died that day.


Yuriy Ivanov of Ustrem was 31 years old when he died. 13 Bulgarians have died in Iraq. Bulgaria sends peacekeepers, medics and rescuers all over the world. Currently 5 Bulgarian medics (nurses) in Lybia are in prison facing a death sentence. The USA no longer considers Lybia and Muammar Gaddafi terrorists.

Solomon C Bangayan from Vermont was 24 when he died. He was buried in his native Philippines. He obtained his permanent residency visa shortly after joining the Army. Just weeks away from the end of his service he was hoping to go to nursing school.

Raphael S. Davis from Mississippi was 24 when he died.

The Honor The Fallen web site of the Military News says: His father, Clifton Bailey, said his son knew God wanted him home.

“He called me on Nov. 16, the day before his birthday,” Bailey said. “He tracked me down until he found me at work. I never heard him sound so happy. He told me he was coming home. We all assumed he meant Tutwiler, but he knew he was going to his heavenly home. He was calling me to say goodbye.”

Sheldon R. Hawk Eagle of Grand Forks North Dakota was 21 years old when he died. A Member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Nation. His parents were dead when he died. He comes from a large family with a long military history. He could trace his heritage to Crazy Horse on his father’s side, and Sitting Bill on his mother’s side.

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