Many people have offered Nancy cash donations. Nancy’s expenses are moderate. There are others who need the money more. Being on downtown sidewalks we have met many homeless people. Many of them are veterans who are 23% of the homeless and 33% of the male homeless population. The veterans truly appreciate Nancy’s remembrance, as they feel forgotten. There are some great people working to help veterans and homeless people.

Central City Concern is working hard to end homelessness. They provide long term housing, jobs, and drug and alcohol treatment. If you have money to donate you can donate to Central City Concern Work Force Veterans Services.

The Sisters Of The Road bring the philosophy of Dorothy Day and the Catholic Workers to working with the homeless. 

Nancy uses about $20 worth of chalk a week and maybe $20 in printing. If you would like to give a direct donation of chalk or a kinkos card or a gift certificate to a masseuse, chiropractor or Inner City Hot Springs Nancy will give you a big chalky hug.

One Response to “Donations”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Thank you *so much* for undertaking this project. As a social worker who is also a veteran, I work with homeless veterans, and with those returning from Iraq/Afghanistan. I saw the names as I drove to work today on MLK. I had not previously been aware of the project.

    I’d like to suggest a way for folks to help homeless veterans: donate your time to volunteer at Transition Projects, who houses veterans thru a VA grant per diem program. Donate bus tickets, which are always desperately needed, along with socks, underwear, hats, etc. Sisters of the Road is a great help to those who are on the streets. Take a homeless vet out for coffee, they are generally good company.

    Thank you again for what you are doing. God bless.

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