Helping Out

Our good friends Barb and Dave bicycled downtown Sunday. First they went to the Gay Pride Parade, then they came over to the Steel Bridge to help Nancy chalk. They stayed for several hours. Chalking on the bridge had it’s dangers with constant bike, skateboard, rollerblade and unicycle traffic on a narrow sidewalk over the river.

Dave said of the experience ” Did Christmas day, 2003 — five names that day. The names from a day or two earlier had already largely faded away. Watching people walking by, halting a minute, then slowly moving along studying the names reminded me of the first time I saw the Stonehenge replica/memorial up in the Gorge. It was a beautiful day and I was alone, no one else around. I noticed on one of the stones a name, followed by 1893 – 1917, and I thought, how nice, someone made a contribution in his memory. Then noticed another name, and 1897 – 1915. Then another name, and another. All the stones had names, with dates all more or less the same, and it dawned on me … I stayed there a long time. Peace, David”

Joe took off her rollerblades and pitched in.

This Lake Oswego couple were on an after church Sunday walk when they found us and got down on the sidewalk in their Sunday best to help.

I wish I had gotten every ones names and stories. But we were all more focused on the task at hand, which tends to be emotionally demanding. This couple helped good bit. They also may have been on an after church stroll.

We would like to have you come and help out. Nancy is chalking weekdays early morning 7:15 – 8:15 and mid days on the weekends. She is on the East Side Esplanade heading up the ramp toward the convention center. Next weekend the Universal Unitarians will be having a national meeting at the Convention Center and Nancy will be chalking her way around the Convention Center and back toward Peace Park for the 4th of July.

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