Honoring Oregon Soldiers and Their Families and Communities

Chase Whitham died May 8th 2004, he was 21 years old. Chase grew up on a berry farm near Harrisburg and attended high school in Eugene. He was expecting to be promoted to Sargent soon.

Bob Roberts of Newport was 30 years old when he died May 18th 2004. Bob enlisted at the age of 27 after 9/11. Bob was plumber before he enlisted.

Justin Eyerly, Justin Linden and Erik S. McCrae were best friends and members of the Oregon National Guard when they died on June 6th 2004.

Justin Eyerly 23, lived in Salem. He was a computer whiz majoring in graphic design. He hoped to be a music producer. 

Justin Linden was 25 years old and living in Portland. He was a restaurant manager, but was torn between pursuing a career in acting or law enforcement.

Erik McCrae was 25 years old and living in Portland. He worked as both a mechanical engineer and a sheriffs deputy. 

As we drew their names last Saturday we all thought about how thankful we were for their service. We mourned for their families and friends who miss them so. And we think about what our community has lost, no longer having these talented, caring and dedicated individuals.

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