The Irving Park Rangers

A great day in the park was brought to an end by the Portland Park and Recreation Rangers. They told Nancy to stop drawing or be excluded from the park and charged with graffiti.

LaWare had to be left unfinished.

They would not let Nancy finish Dickens, so she washed it away.

Nancy finishes Dickens on the NE 7th street sidewalk, then goes back and finishes LaWare.

4 Responses to “The Irving Park Rangers”

  1. Willie Filkowski Says:

    You’re lucky you got stopped just in the park.
    We’ve been told we need to stop completely by the police, who finally got a call about us.

    One guy was so infuriated about it, it was ridiculous.

    I’ve written all about it on my blog, if you want to check it out.

    We thought maybe, if we left the federal building and went to the next block it would be okay, but they told us no, completely no more until we have permission.

  2. DemoDemoDemo Says:

    I am actually surprised you haven’t been stopped before Irving Park since it is technically illegal to use chalk since it is considered “graffiti” on public right of ways and lands. Keep up the good work though and just steer clear of the parks it looks like.

  3. TechnoBabble Says:

    HI! Here’s an Idea: a VIRTUAL sidewalk, take pix of your neighborhood
    sidewalks nice and big, then use Ultimate Paint or whatever to chalk names
    on it! I have gallery space, but don’t know php well, anyone help?
    They can’t stop VIRTUAL chalking, and it would embarrass them, hopefully.
    For a sample of my world changing thoughts, go to website, join at bottom.

  4. Bob Says:

    sounds like you should do your project legally and it would honor the purpose more fully. just do it on the paralleling city sidewalks where it’s legal. you don’t always have to push the limits of legality to prove a point. it’s not good citizenship and im sure these park rangers were just trying to do their job. i respect your project, keep up the good work.

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