Harrison Meyer was a life guard at home in Worthington Ohio and a Medic in the Army. He was killed Nov 26th 2004. He was 20 years old and hoping to go to medical school so he could continue helping people. “He exemplifies the true spirit of patriotism and sacrifice by his courageous actions as a combat medic,” His mother Debra Meyer said in a statement released by the military.

Salamo J. Tuialuuluu was 23 when he was killed Dec 4th 2004. He was from Pago Pago American Samoa and served in the US Army. born in the village of Tau in the Manua island group. He is missed by his parents, his wife Andrea who was pregnant at the time of his death, two daughters; Sunema 6 and Eseta 8 months, and four sisters, including Falesoa Tuialuuluu, a U.S. Army sergeant.

Michael R. Cohen 23, of Jacobus PA, died November 22nd 2004. He loved a challenge, excelling at advance placement classes in high school and later in Marine training. He wanted to settle in Hawaii where he had been stationed. It was his goal to have his sister join him in Hawaii and to study medicine together to become either a nurse or medical technician.

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