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October 23, 2007

This is Clint chalking in the damp early morning darkness. Clint created the Iraq Names Project MAP for the us and often joins Nancy to help chalk. Follow this link for lots more photos.

Lloyd Allen In The Mix

October 23, 2007

Back in September, I remember it was the day of the Alberta Street Fair, I came to see Nancy at the end of the day and to take a few photos. When I got there a kind faced man walked up to Nancy and made a little speech. He said he was so moved by Nancy’s art. Moved by the power of the Iraq Names Project. He said he had gone home and read the little flier she hands out. He decided he needed to do something to show his appreciation. He was going to bring her a glass of water, but didn’t think that was much of a thank you. So he brought his guitar to sing her a song he written.

And wow! What a song it was. There were tears in our eyes. Neighbors gathered around and he sang another song and another.

His name is Lloyd Allen, guitarist, songwriter and band leader.

Thank you Lloyd.

Nancy Carrys On As I Slack

October 23, 2007


It has been 5 weeks ago since I lasted blogged. While I was off doing other things, Nancy continued everyday to draw the names of soldiers who have died in Iraq. When I last blogged, back in the warm days of September, Nancy was at NE Alberta and 25th Ave. Today she is on NE 33rd at Wilshire Park heading toward Irvington, Grant High School and the Lloyd District. Here is a map of her progress.

To date she has covered 7 and a half miles of Portland sidewalks with the names of the fallen. She has drawn 2,912 names. Over 127 people have stopped to help. Many others have given her food and drink (including Francis Restaurant) Music (Including Lloyd Allen) garden vegetables, hugs, massages, art, chalk and thank yous.