Start Making A Reader Today

I have been working hard, these last few months, as a volunteer coordinator for the SMART reading and book program. SMART (Start Making A Reader Today) is a non-profit reading program. SMART pairs adult volunteers with children in the schools to share a love of books. 

Volunteers read with children one on one for an hour a week. If you volunteered you would read with the same 2 children every week, building a relationship and watching them develop a love of books and reading. It is not a teaching or tutoring program, the schools do plenty of that, it is a program that creates motivated life long readers. It is also a book giveaway program. Many children do not have books at home. A child in the SMART program will receive up to 14 books a year.

If you live in the state of Oregon there is a SMART program near you. I work with the program at Scott Elementary school. We would love to have you come and volunteer with us. You can fill out a volunteer application here. Tell them Dan sent you.

Nancy does some great chalk drawings for our SMART space at Scott School. The drawing above is inspired by the book The Napping House. Below is a detail from the drawing.


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