Schedule and Rememberance

No chalking Sunday December 2nd.

If the weather permits:
Monday – Friday 7am-8pm
Saturday – Sunday 11am-2pm
NE 28th Between Stanton and Knott

If the weather is more dry than wet, more still than moving, drawing names will happen.

On December 1st Nancy went out into the weather and tried to chalk. It was snowing when she started, then it cleared up, but then it started to rain. The unpredictability was driving her crazy, so she went home after writing Madore.

Ronnie Madore was 34 years old when he died.  The San Diego native was on his 4th tour in Iraq. Brandy Humpleby who served in Iraq with Ronnie said, “It was when I met his family that I really saw him shine. There was none of that gruff exterior that he always showed at work. He was a big softy, though I don’t know anyone who would ever say that to his face. Anyone who loved his family as much as he did must be a great man.”

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One Response to “Schedule and Rememberance”

  1. Nicky Larson Says:

    Dear Nancy, we’re back from Australia, had a great time – but on the 2nd day there I badly twisted my ankle, decided to ignore the whole thing and proceed with all the plans! But today the ankle got x-rayed and it turns out that I chipped a little piece off a bone, so now I’m sidelined!! As soon as I can I will track you down.

    Take care of yourself – hugs – Nicky

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