Blake Stephens Return With Honor

Nancy started drawing the names of soldiers who had died in Iraq on Memorial Day 2007. About a week later she received a card from a woman who asked her if she would be chalking the name of her brother, Sgt Blake Stephens. “I’m not sure if your project will get to #3,400+… but he would be honored to be named with other heroes from this war.” This Sunday, just 8 blocks from his sister’s house Nancy drew the name Blake Stephens. Later that day, Blake’s sister, 2 nephews and his mother (visiting from Idaho) filled in the chalk outline. Monday’s rain washed all that away, but Wednesday Nancy will redraw the name. We are hoping for a week of dry weather so people can stop by NE 33rd by Grant park and pay their respects.

Blake Stephens loved the military, his wife and his family. Blake met his wife, Erin, when they were based at Hill Air Force Base in Utah. She was serving in the Air Force and he the National Guard. Erin had been to Iraq 3 times when Blake decided to he needed to go to Iraq and signed up with the Army. She had a hard time supporting his decision, but understood that it was something he had to do.

He is missed every day, but never forgotten. 

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