Aaron J Ward

The 4,385th coalition soldier to die in Iraq and the most recent name released by the Department Of Defense, as of May 10th. Aaron was 19 years old when he died, he was from San Jacinto CA and stationed out of Fort Lewis.

347 days ago Nancy Hiss started writing the names of Coalition soldiers who died in Iraq. She draws them in chalk on the city sidewalks of Portland. She has drawn a continuous line 12 miles long starting with those who died on March 21st 2003. Now she has no names to write.

No doubt more will die, 2 already have but the names have not been released. She now has the sad job of waiting for the Department of Defense to announce the names of those who have died. When she gets more names she will be back on the sidewalk.

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3 Responses to “4,385”

  1. Gary Tolle Says:


    I could not find your last name in the article but again wanted to thank you for doing what your doing and I have taken it upon myself to complain to Nordstrom in the fact they wash down the names that you take the time to write down in chalk. As a disabled veteran and uncle of an American Hero PFC Aaron Joseph Ward 4/28/89 -/5/6/08 who was born in Portland and killed in action from small arms fire in Iraq I thank you from our whole family and his Mother. You are showing that not everyone forgets what they are doing and honoring them with your skills and talent. God Bless you Nancy… Gary Tolle, USN & Proud Uncle of a true American Hero)

  2. Kathi Poppert Says:

    I want to thank you for all that you are doing for all the fallen hero’s of our country, I am ashamed of nordstrom for washing off any names you have placed they should truly be ashamed of themself . I am very proud of our country and the boys and girls who protect our freedom. My newphew Aaron J Ward was killed in Iraq on may 6 2008, one of the many who have died for our freedom. I am glad you are not forgetting him alosng with so many others, GOD BLESS YOU NANCY FOR WHAT YOU DO,,,,, Kahti Poppert Aaron J wards proud aunt. Aaron you are a true american hero and you will never be forgotten honey I love you.

  3. SGT Pettet Says:

    PFC Ward was one of my soldiers. Thank you for what you do. Some say we are the heroes, I say people like you are the heroes.

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