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Iraq Names Project Continues

June 23, 2008

Currently on NE Multnomah and circling around Holladay Park Nancy continues on with the Iraq Names Project. Once a week she gathers the names released that week and adds them to the 12 miles and 4,000+ names she has drawn on the sidewalk since Memorial Day 2007. Please come out and join her if you can:

Every Friday Morning 7:15am – till that week’s names have been drawn

John D. Aragon was 22 years old when he died. John loved the Army and the Army loved him. He called the war pure hell, but wanted to be near the action, like a true soldier. From Antioch California, his parents, friends, fellow soldiers and country will all miss him.

Some days it looks like there could be an end to this war. But how will we know when it has ended? In 1979 an American soldier was killed in the DMZ in Korea decades after that war ended. 1984 another soldier was wounded. What will be our milestone for determining the end of the Iraq war. The closing of all US bases? A week, month or year of no hostilities. Withdrawal of all reserves and national guard?

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