Memorial Day Schedule

Memorial Day Weekend Schedule:
Saturday May 23rd 11am-2pm
Sunday May 24th 11am-2pm
Monday May 25th 11am-2pm Memorial Day

On Saturday and Sunday Nancy will be drawing on NE MLK BLVD between NE Holladay and E Burnside. [Please note the change.]
On Memorial Day, Monday May 25th, she will be at Peace Park, drawing the names of those who have special meaning to the Iraq Names Project.
If there is someone whose name you would like her to draw on Memorial Day, just ask.

Everyone is invited to come down and help chalk and remember the dead.

She is also going to try to write the word “peace” in the language of every nation we have been at war with.

2 Responses to “Memorial Day Schedule”

  1. Kathi Poppert Says:

    Thank you for all that you do and to all those who are there to help you. I am in California, wish I could be there to help. you are a true angle! I thank you for remembering my nephew Aaron Ward and all the American hero’s. God bless you.

  2. Gary Tolle Says:

    Thank you so much Nancy, you are one terrific person. Thank you for your ongoing efforts, we the families thank you so much for your commitment to remembering our American Heroes. All soldiers are heroes and heroes never die, they just meet up at a separate rally point and move on to the next objective. You my dear friend are a wonderful American. God bless and I am hoping to make the trip up on Memorial Day.

    In Memory of my Nephew
    PFC Aaron J. Ward
    170th Military Police Company
    KIA 5/6/08 Al Anbar Province,Iraq

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