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Iraq Names Project Needs Your Help Thanksgiving Weekend

November 16, 2011

Nancy is about a year, or perhaps 50 names, behind real time. She would like to get caught up over Thanksgiving Weekend. Weather permitting she will be chalking Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9am til late morning or early afternoon.

The names are currently on the South side of the Burnside Bridge near the east side of the river. Please come out and chalk, say hello and talk turkey with Nancy. Feel free to contact us for more details.

Nancy is dedicated to writing the name of each coalition soldier who dies in Iraq until the day when no more die.

Rembering Philip C Jenkins

November 16, 2011

Remembering Jenkins

Philip Jenkins died in Iraq on on September 7th 2010. Philip Jenkins was the first person to die in combat since President Obama’s announced end of combat operations August 31, 2010. Philip Jenkins was from Decatur Indiana and was 26 or 27 years old, depending on the source. A sax player in High School he joined the army when he graduated. He is missed by his wife, daughters and friends and family.

Occupy Portland

November 16, 2011

When we first heard of Occupy Wall Street our response was the same as many critics. What are their demands? What do they propose? Why aren’t they protesting in a more meaningful place? Why aren’t they doing it the way we did in the 60s?

The answers came quickly. Their demand is economic justice. They propose reforming the system to end income inequality. They are protesting everywhere, what could be more meaningful? To paraphrase Dylan Get out of the way “if you can’t lend your hand”, so we have been lending our hands.

We found ourselves at the General Assembly Sunday November 13th. We were not in the park, we were on the sidewalk. We were peacefully assembled, petitioning the government for redress. We were incensed when police in full riot gear marched in and forcefully moved us into 4th ave.