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Sunday July 29th

July 30, 2007

Sunday started with a light mist. The kind of rain that is just perfect for settling the chalk dust and setting the names. Nancy headed East on NE Fargo toward Irving Park.

It was a sleepy kind of day so Nancy was happy to have Lisa, a neighbor, join her and Pete and me.

After more than 2 months, and over 4 miles of drawing, the second anniversary of the war is reached.

By late afternoon we were leaving NE Fargo for Irving Park where things were happening.

Irving Park

July 30, 2007

Irving Park was a wonderful happening place Sunday.

A tennis player stopped by to help.

A videographer stopped by and interviewed Nancy and me.

The monthly meeting of pugs brought out dozens of dogs and people.

There was a basketball jam. I did not get any good basketball pictures.

The Oregon Wants Obama people set up a table.

It was a great day for the Iraq Names Project to engage our fellow Portlanders in Irving Park. The great thing about the project is talking to people and sharing the magnitude of the impact of the war with them.

But then…. 

The Irving Park Rangers

July 30, 2007

A great day in the park was brought to an end by the Portland Park and Recreation Rangers. They told Nancy to stop drawing or be excluded from the park and charged with graffiti.

LaWare had to be left unfinished.

They would not let Nancy finish Dickens, so she washed it away.

Nancy finishes Dickens on the NE 7th street sidewalk, then goes back and finishes LaWare.